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You guys are the best! Today, for the first time I received a delivery. Delicious! Well, very, very tasty! Cream of pumpkin soup, fresh salad, crisps, and still waiting for me: the chocolate basket and spring rolls! All the freshest, everything neatly and nicely wrapped and tastes perfect. Thank you! Good luck! I will continue to order.
Irina Shevchenko

What could be better than a raw chocolate cake on this eve of the spring? Increased level of endorphins and with a clear consciousness and energy; we thank the RocknRaw team, from our entire team of 9 amazing women, who were hungry, but, your cake made our day!
Anna Koshkareva

All what you are doing is just Amazing! You guys have a real talent! Really delicious and beautiful food! Great! Thank you and good luck! I’ll surely recommend you!
Victoria Efimova-Shestakovskaya

Anyone who fasts regularly, as well as to all vegetarians, vegans, raw/live food eaters and lovers of healthy, light food! Moscow has a unique service called "Rock & Raw". The guys are preparing real live food, and in about three hours they bring it right to your home! Fresh fruits and vegetables without thermal treatment plus with a very creative design, among other things, do not contain MSG, flavor enhancers, gluten, sugars, salts and other muck. All this is replaced by fantastic natural counterparts! Despite the fact that the meals meet the most stringent parameters, the menu is very varied: pasta, pizza, soups and even a lot of amazing desserts!
Sonia Denisova

Great Company and you guys are great! All very tasty, high quality and beautiful! Highly recommended to all, who appreciate good food. Doesn’t matter if you are raw vegetarian food eater or a non-vegetarian! ♥ All the best for your further growth.
Julia Semjonova

Guys: raspberry cheesecake is delicious, right above all praise. And, curiously, my friends are not raw food eaters but I’m sure they won’t be able to distinguish it from the classic)))
Irina Shukhmina

You guys are great! Now catch this one for the fact that I still want to try at least one of your soups)) every time something happens and I can’t manage)) this time it leaked on the way to my work) please write on the soup cans that if someone is going to travel with it, than better pour it into a more solid container. About delivery straight at work – no doubt in that, but today I ordered it at home and by the time reached my work place, no soup in the can((oh oh(( Other than this you all are super!
Anastasia Selivanchik


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