Why living foods

We are not monks or hypocrites: our business is a way to spread awareness about the lifestyle that we adhere to. Several years of following raw vegetarian diet have convinced us that it is the key to the most productive and happy life; it is the source of all the necessary nutrients; it brings people joy, health, and harmony.

Living foods are vegetable products and dishes that are made of them, which do not undergo any kind of processing (heating, chemical treatment, canning, pickling or curing).

Food should be plant-based, because it is most beneficial for the human digestive system. Gut microorganisms feed exclusively on fiber (which is the part of plant-based foods), and any other type of food represses them. Gut microorganisms produce vitamins as well as the essential amino acids, which, according to meat-eaters, are impossible to extract from plants. However, it is possible, and it is a proven fact.

The main way of digestion in human stomach and small intestine is autolysis — the process of self-destruction of the incoming food through the action of enzymes contained in that food. At the temperature above +42°С enzymes are destroyed, and human body has to digest foods using its own enzymes, which happens very slowly, leads to the foods’ decay and subsequent production of toxins that poison the body. Moreover, cooking food results in formation of new toxic chemical elements that are not found in nature: trans fats, carcinogens, free radicals, etc.

Thus, we can conclude that our bodies need raw plant-based foods — fruits and vegetables, berries, greens, nuts and seeds, grains and legumes, dried fruit (produced at the temperature below +42°С or in the shade) as well as the dishes that use them as ingredients.

We understand that traditional diets are very hard to give up and we do not insist on the necessity of sudden giving up of animal food. It is a step-by-step process: start eating more fruits and vegetables, substitute fried food with steamed, mayo with olive oil, and you will notice the immediate improvement of your life. You will feel lighter, more energized and more creative; you will achieve clarity of mind and better organization of your thoughts; your sleep will become deep and your awakenings — full of joy.

You will forget about visits to a doctor. People who embrace living foods diet have excellent memory, strong immune system, and never suffer from colds.

Your appearance will undergo magic transformation as well: you will lose excess weight; your skin will look clean and healthy.

Don’t believe those who insist that you must consume animal food in order to have effective workouts and gain muscle. Multiple examples of athletes, movie stars and other celebrities who follow living foods diet, prove the opposite.

Living foods are a way to a happy, joyful and beautiful life. Start changing yourself, and we will work hard to help you!

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